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mechatronic wafer sorter (mWS)

Wafer sorting tools are critical to any wafer fabrication or material handling facility, as they enable automated handling of wafers and allow fab operations both, to track each wafer throughout the manufacturing process, and to completely eliminate any risk of damage and particle contamination. They are essential for economic inventory and material flow management in the modern semiconductor industry. Our wafer sorters are designed to offer these capabilities for critical wafers, as they are used for a variety of new technologies.

Wafer sorting

The mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh wafer sorter (mWS) series represents the latest generation of wafer sorters, establishing new standards in the safe handling of complex substrates such as thin, ultra-thin, or warped wafers. The consistent implementation of the modular design concept ensures complete compatibility with a diverse range of wafer carriers. The mWS sorters from mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh can be configured as a flexible solution for transfer, sorting, splitting, and merging operations. This series of wafer sorting systems has the capability to entirely eliminate manual wafer handling in today's semiconductor fabrication.

mechatronic wafer sorter (mWS) ​key features 

Key benef​its of (mWS)

Configuration options

mWS for thin wafer

Right from the start, mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh has been supplying the industry with sorting tools for thin wafers. Today, we have a wide range of options integrated into our systems, and we continue to help manufacturers to sort thin wafers safely and reliably.

wafer scanner (optional)
bernoulli vacuum end effector 
needle end effector 
end effector change station
​mechatronic wafer sorter (mWS) pre-aligner bernoulli vacuum
mechatronic load ports

mWS film frame

Sorting of film frames has a different set of requirements than that for sorting wafers. mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh applies its technology and components for handling, sorting, and processing wafers to its film frame sorters — availing the best features in wafer sorters to film frames as well.

​mechatronic wafer sorter (mWS) vacuum end effector edge grip end effector

mechatronic load ports

flip box

mWS deposition

Increasingly, deposition systems utilize process rings or carriers to optimize defect performance and to minimize efforts for deposition chamber cleaning. The issue with many deposition systems is that automated integrated handling is not always cost-effective.
In such situations, mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh employs its specialty components and integrates them into the wafer sorter. This enables wafers to be handled on the active side, only contacting the technical edge. Semiconductor companies rely on this approach, especially when there are long process times or significant efforts that prevent integration into the process equipment.

top grip end effector
needle end effector
end effector change station (optional)
pre-aligner bernoulli vacuum
mechatronic load ports

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