thin, wraped and critical wafer handling
unique end effectors and chuck solutions
customized automatisation and integration know how
trusted partner for the semicon industry
made in austria

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mechatronic systemtechnik GmbH

mechatronic systemtechnik is a successful, fast growing high-tech company headquartered in Villach, Austria. Since 1998 we have been developing specialized machines for handling thin, warped and other critical wafers such as ultrathin, wafers with support ring, MEMS, film frame, eWLB used in the semiconductor processing industry.

mechatronic´s fully automated wafer handling (EFEM), packing / unpacking, and sorting and TAIKO ring removing systems are equipped with special end effector, chucks, robots and pre-aligners in order to ensure safe and reliable transport of the even most critical wafers. We are one of the very few companies globally to handle thin and ultra thin wafers both on the chip side and on the backside of the wafer.

Thanks to our leading-edge technology – which is being increased continuously by new developments – we can provide handling solutions for ultra thin and warped wafers precisely to our customers need.