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mechatronic wafer packer (mPT)

In semiconductor manufacturing the number of wafers which are shipped between Front End Fabs and Back End Fabs or OSAT Fabs is constantly increasing, which generates an increasing demand for safe packing into shipping containers such as HWS boxes, canisters and jaws. Based on the experience and the knowledge for handling critical wafers, mechatronic has developed a fully automated system for packing and unpacking of wafers into these shipping boxes at maximum reliability and safety.

mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh´s fully automated packing tool (mPT) for packing and unpacking

The fully automated wafer packer (mPT) for packing and unpacking of substrates into shipping boxes or from shipping boxes represents the latest generation of wafer packers with the highest level of flexibility for substrate types, substrate sizes and material types in combination with the highest reliability. Consistent implementation of mechatronic´s modular design concept and a sophisticated sensor technology guarantee full compatibility with the widest variety of wafer carriers (including open cassettes, FOUPs, FOSBs) and packing material (foam, interleave, ring separators). mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh´s packer mPT is designed to enable a safe and reliable packing process, in combination with host notification of cassette ID and substrate ID. mechatronic packing chuck is the centerpiece of mPT providing the biggest number of available functions in the industry.

mechatronic wafer packer (mPT) key features

mechatronic wafer packer (mPT) key benefit

mechatronic wafer packer (mPT) configuration options

mPT 200/300 neo

mPT 150/200

mechatronic wafer packer (mPT) material types

All known types of packing material are supported

​mechatronic wafer packer (mPT)

Home / products / mechatronic wafer packer (mPT)

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