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Our han​dling philosophy


Our focal point is the substrate (type & size) to be handled. mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh offers speciality components for all substrate types and sizes. Our systems are built on a modular concept and can accommodate various combinations of components.

mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh is committed to maximizing safety and handling accuracy in the solutions we offer. The stringent requirements of non-standard substrate handling can only be successfully addressed by integrating multiple specialized components into a state-of-the-art system — ensuring the handshaking process is well-established and the sensors for the substrates, their positions, and their warpages function effectively. Our innovative process allows for the custom selection, adoption, and integration of various specialized components into the systems we construct and deliver. When addressing each non-standard handling task, our primary focus is on the substrate type and size, followed by the specific handling requirements. A clear understanding of these parameters enables us to recommend the best configuration for the task at hand.

Substrate types 

For the selection of components, the main physical properties of the substrate under consideration are:

Substrate size and handling requirements

mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh  offers handling solutions for a wide range of substrates sizes, including:

Handling requirements

Our systems can accommodate multiple substrate types and sizes within one configuration 
This includes


The variety of components and our processes to further optimize them are among the main reasons for mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh's success in the handling of non-standard substrates:

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