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Inspection plates

mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh’s proprietary end effectors, pre-aligners, mapping systems, and chucks are the reason why specialty handling approaches can be addressed. We have the ability to customize all components in our systems for various requests, to enable safe and reliable handling of nearly all substrate types used in power, sensor, and MEMS device manufacturing 

As an additional service to our partners, mechatronicsystemtechnik gmbh offers its design know-how and fabrication processes by supplying inspection plates for the placement of the substrates on metrology and lithography equipment. With special proprietary technologies substrates (e.g. eWLP wafers), our chucks can handle a warpage of >10mm. The resulting flatness of the substrates when in the chuck can be below 10µm.

Inspection plate vacuum li​ft​ pin

  • eWLP wafers (high warpage, low flexibility)
  • Significant reduction in bow and warpage
  • Up to 6mm warpage

Inspection plate needle ceramic

  • Dual zone vacuum
  • Enables flattening of warped wafers
  • Applications where contact & vacuum is allowed (low warpage / stiffness)

Inspection plate MEMS

  • MEMS wafers
  • Back side inspection
  • Contacts the substrate in the edge exclusion zone only

Home / products /  inspection plates

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