Wafer Sorter (mWS)

Economic Inventory and Material Flow Management

Automated wafer transfer tools are critical to any wafer fabrication or material handling facility as they eliminate the manual handling of wafers and allow fab operators both to track each wafer throughout the manufacturing process and to completely eliminate any risk of damage and particle contamination. Wafer sorters are essential for economic inventory and material flow management in the modern semiconductor industry.

The mechatronic mWS series represents the latest generation of wafer sorters and sets new standards in safe handling of thin, ultra-thin or warped wafers. Consistent implementation of the modular design concept of mechatronic guarantees full compatibility with the widest variety of wafer carriers.

The mechatronic mWS series of wafer sorting systems can automatically sort, split and transfer wafers from any plastic or metal, transport or process cassette to any other cassette in a multiple carrier station - regardless of the number of cassette slots.