Wafer Packer (mPT)

Efficient Wafer Logistics

Automated wafer transfer tools are critical to any wafer fabrication or material handling facility as they eliminate the manual handling of wafers and allow fab operators both to track each wafer throughout the manufacturing process and to completely eliminate any risk of damage and particle contamination. Logistics and information managment of the wafer is the key linkage in the complex and highly differentiated value-added processes in the semiconductor industry. Wafer packers are the backbone for this.

The mechatronic mPT series represents the latest generation of wafer packers and sets new standards in safe handling of thin, ultra-thin or warped wafers. A consistent implementation of the modular design concept of mechatronic guarantees full compatibility with the widest variety of wafer carriers including open cassettes, FOUPs, FOSBs and shipping boxes. Sophisticated sensor technology ensures the reliable detection of all different packing material types.