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Mapping systems

mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh’s proprietary end effectors, pre-aligners, mapping systems, and chucks are the reason why specialty handling approaches can be addressed. We have the ability to customize all components in our systems for various requests, to enable safe and reliable handling of nearly all substrate types used in power, sensor, and MEMS device manufacturing.

Mapping systems

Wafer mapping

There are multiple factors contributing to the ideal position of the end effector when picking or placing the substrate. These include substrate-driven factors (e.g. bow and warpage), cassette-driven factors (e.g. tilt or deformation), and hardware-driven factors (e.g. the thickness of the end effector). With non-standard substrates, there is a very tight margin of error and this calls for very precise mapping.

Key features

Highest versatility and reliability for mapping a wide range of non-standard substrates

  • very thin substrates and high bow with wafer scanner for 150mm and 200mm 
  • high warpage and bow (e.g. eWLP, TAIKO, etc.) with usage of through beam sensor on robots
  • frames and panels using reflection mapping on robots
  • high flexibility for combination of multiple substrate types in one system 
  • parallel integration of thin wafers (scanner) and frames (reflection sensor)
Our special mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh developed modules
mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh wafer scanner

Our wafer scanner detects the exact position of wafers in a cassette (e.g. slot allocation, wafer warpage and wafer location). We are the only company with this capability. 

  • very thin wafers (below 50um) on mechatronic load ports
  • Can be combined with other mapping options
wafer scanner
wafer scanner
through beam sensor
mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh through beam sensor

We aim to give our customers special solutions such as determining important information like ring detections with our through beam sensors. 

  • For mapping of wafers <200um thickness high warpage (6mm), glass wafers etc. 

through beam sensor
Other important mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh key modules for wafer mapping
Mapping integrated in Sinfonia Load port

Our wafer mapping can also be easily integrated in Sinfonia Load Ports. This allows a wafer to be transferred between the FOUP and the inside of a semiconductor fabrications. 

  • For 200mm and 300mm standard wafers
Mapping integrated in Sinfonia Load port
Reflection sensor

Reflection sensors are key elements of wafer mapping.

  • For frames and panels installation on robot
Reflection sensor

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