Research and development

In recent years, by investing heavily in R&D, mechatronic systemtechnik has developed an internationally unique product portfolio and is continuously maintaining its lead position by pushing new inventions and developments of components and machines.

Investments in research & development corresponds to around nine percent of annual sales. Research is conducted in the areas of handling technologies and various applications of these. Some 80 percent of the staff in the development department have academic titles or are professional engineers.

In the context of EU projects, mechatronic systemtechnik is working with leading scientific institutions such as the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, the Fraunhofer-Institut and the National Renewable Energy Centre as well as universities such as the University of Constance. Such partnerships offer the company the opportunity of being involved from the very start of the development of new technologies as a competent partner and to transfer the know-how thus acquired into new products.

The investments in research & development pay: They have made mechatronic systemtechnik a market leader for thin-wafer handling machines with a technological lead of over four years.

In the technologically demanding areas, in which mechatronic systemtechnik is active, research & development is the basis for future business. Of course this only works if you understand the basic physics, develop new design methods, test new developments with simulations and then finally implement these in series production.

The task of research & development is to secure the future of the company in the long term by exploiting or adapting new technologies.

In order to maintain and reinforce its excellent market position, the research & development will continue to have a strong weighting at mechatronic systemtechnik.