Quality Management

mechatronic systemtechnik is committed to high standards in innovation, productivity, quality, safety, health and environmental protection. In the area of environmental compatibility, the company has set itself the goal of continuous, sustainable improvements of its products and processes. Furthermore, mechatronic systemtechnik supports the ethical standards of its employees, especially by supporting handicapped employees.

With the introduction of SAP and the ISO certification, business processes were standardised and optimised. Machines are built with a modular design and each plant is documented precisely, so that it is possible to supply the customer with all necessary data for the machine. Customer-focused project teams allow a high degree of flexibility in meeting the demands of the client. While standardised machines are assembled within the predefined process structure, more complex solutions for our customers are provided by highly specialised teams.

The organisation is designed to deal with up to 150 systems per year in the area of purchasing, operational planning, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning. Due to the high standard of its delivery performance and the high quality of its machines, mechatronic systemtechnik has already received many awards from customers – including the “Facility Award 2000“ from Infineon and the "Runner-up 2001/2003“ and the "Supplier Quality Award 2007" from SEZ (today's Lam Research).

ISO Certification 14001 and 9001

mechatronic systemtechnik was certified in June 2010 according to the strict environmental norm DIN EN ISO 14001. The international standard defines internationally recognised requirements for environmental management. The motivation for the introduction of the environmental management systems was in particular a reduction of the environmental liability risks and the realisation of cost saving potentials. With the certification, mechatronic systemtechnik sustainably assures the environmental compatibility of its products and processes as well as the economical and responsible handling by its employees of energy and materials. By the development of novel thin-wafer handling systems, the company has already made a considerable contributions to minimising reject rates. Thus, thanks to the latest technology, it is largely possible to avoid cracks, scratches and contamination and hence unnecessary additional production. The reduced consumption of resources in turn protects the environment. The worldwide leader in this area, the Swiss company SGS, was responsible for the certification. This company is accredited and monitored by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs.

Already in 2002 the company was certified under the DIN EN ISO 9001 quality standard for the development and production of handling machines and the construction of cleanroom equipment as well as the production and cleanroom assembly in the areas of mechanical engineering, electronics and plastic technology as well as automation and microsystem technology. With this ISO certification, mechatronic systemtechnik assures its customers of a guaranteed standard of performance in its products and services. After recertifications in May 2005 and July 2008, the annual monitoring audit was performed in 2010. Latest successful recertification has taken place in 2017.