Our Mission

Understanding the specific characteristics and properties of thin, warped and other critical wafers and the challenges related to handling and automatization of such wafers requires long term specialized know-how and experience in this field.

Challenged by leading semiconductor FABs and semiconductor equipment manufacturers (OEMs), our in-house engineering and software department pushes the limits and are at the forefront of developing new handling components and solutions for our long term technology partners.

As a reliable partner with long term integration (OEMs, SECS/GEM,..) and application know-how, we guarantee a high level of reliability and security through the optimized system performance of our industry proven tools.

Further standardize and roll out our tools in order to leverage significant scale advantages and meet customers price expectation in mass application markets.


Our Vision

Our vision of „being the recognized global technology leader of critical wafer handling equipment for the advanced semiconductor industry“ enables our customers to successfully further automatize their processes and improve yields. This ensures continuous innovations by passionate and experienced employees and sustainable economic success.