Shareholder structure

mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh has five shareholders: In addition to the founder, managing director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Walter Schober, three institutional investors and one private investor have stakes in the company. The institutional investors are the Austrian equity capital company Danube Equity and the German private equity funds FIDURA Vermögensbildungs-und Absicherungsfonds, FIDURA Rendite Plus Ethik Fonds and FIDURA Rendite Sicherheit Plus Ethik 4 Fonds.

Danube Equity, Austria's largest corporate venture capital fund, invests in high-growth companies involved in material technologies and processing technologies in the materials, cleantech, rail systems, mechatronics /automation and automotive industries. Danube Equity is owned by the leading Austrian industrial group voestalpine and by the 3 Bank Group (Oberbank, BKS Bank for Carinthia and Steiermark, BTV Bank for Tyrol and Vorarlberg). With its ownership structure and international network, Danube Equity has a strong manufacturing background and is in a position to offer an unusually wide range of professional consultancy and services the companies it invests in.

The FIDURA Private Equity Funds invest directly in growth-orientated medium-sized companies and give retail investors access to the high-return private equity investment class. The FIDURA Private Equity  Funds are in addition the only publicly offered private equity funds in Germany with fixed ethical investment criteria: the companies in the funds' portfolio are characterised by consistent implementation of sustainable, especially ecological and social values. The funds were established by the Munich-based issuing house FIDURA. With a placed fund volume of around EUR 110 million, the Fidura Private Equity Funds are one of the leading providers of public directly investing private equity funds in Germany.